Diagnostic & Preventative Dental Care

Our hygienists and dentists partner with you in developing a personalized care plan to protect your smile and prevent problems before they start. Preventive care can save you time, money and unnecessary pain. An investment in your oral health Is an investment in your overall health.

Our Diagnostic & Preventative Dental Services

Check Up

A combination of regular six month checkups, daily brushing! Preventing and diagnosing problems early is our goal.

Cleaning (Prophylaxis)
Removal of harmful plaque and tartar to prevent cavities, gum disease and bad breath (halitosis), maintain good health and a brighter smile!
Oral Cancer Screening

A simple, noninvasive procedure done as part of your checkup that allows your provider to check for signs of cancer. Oral cancer affects 50,000 Americans annually, but is very treatable when caught early.

Orthodontic Screening

Evaluation of alignment of teeth, arches and jaw. Orthodontic treatment addresses the oral function as well as esthetics. Our Dentists will provide a referral to an orthodontist if treatment is required.  

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Screening
Evaluation of the joint and muscles that control jaw movement.
Fluoride Treatment

Topical fluoride application fortifies emerged teeth. Supplements ingested fluoride from water which fortifies teeth as they develop and before they emerge.


A thin dental material is applied to chewing surfaces creating a barrier that protects the surface from cavity causing bacteria. Recommended for young children who are learning to properly care for their teeth as well as anyone prone to cavities.

Periodontal Treatment

Treatment for gum disease (periodontal disease), an infection of the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth; a painless condition that is a major cause of tooth loss. May include more frequent cleanings or scaling and root planing.

Night Guards (Bruxism Guard)
Custom-made dental appliance that serves to shift the jaw into ideal alignment and serves as a barrier to prevent the wear of teeth from habitual clenching and grinding.
Mouth Guard
Custom crafted appliance that serves to protect teeth during contact sports and activities. Custom mouth guards are more comfortable and effective protection.

Signs and Stages of Periodontal Disease:

Early stage-Gingivitis

  • Persistent bad breath
  • Swollen and tender gums
  • Gums bleed when brushing

Later Stage-Periodontitis

  • Gums receding from teeth
  • New spacing between teeth
  • Teeth seemingly growing taller than surrounding teeth
  • Loose teeth

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